Saturday 5/26

AM Brick

  • 1/2 mi swim
  • T1 at bend in driveway
  • 12 mi ride

left knee is still funky, although it’s definitely IT band related up into the quad/ham. Kate helped me try and break up the knots/bruising that is in there (gross eh?). She mentioned that it also seems to stem from the big hip bruise i got wheni wiped out on the Jamis a few weeks (or a month?) ago. This was the one where i slid on some sand turning around at pace and table-topped to my hip for a 3ft drop to my hip. Just some good road rash and a bruise on the hip but sliced the fingers on that left hand pretty good.

Anyway, it seemed to make sense. So we’re messaging it out and stretcing directly on it now that we found it. Yep, it’s deep enuff where you can’t really tell what the cause is, especially becuase it’s affecting about 3″ further down the leg in the knee joint.

later on that night, another swim…

  • 1/2 hr form practice

~ by philiplavoie on May 28, 2007.

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