Small brick…

2 Cups of Java, 1 pint of water and out the door. The rental bike was ready and willing & the sun was on it’s way up on a humid morning.

Ride stats:

  • Distance: Just short of 30mi (2+ laps of the island loop)
  • Time: 1:47:00

Run stats:

  • Distance: 3.13mi
  • Time: 26:43
  • Pace: 8:31 min/mi
  • Cal: 412

Stopped breifly (but not included in the time of the run) at the Miller’s and chatted with Aunt Helen and Uncle Jim for a while. Kate and I will probably walk up there later on as we are just about to head out to the beach. I was feeling like lead on the run and may have pushed a bit to get thru it. But all is well, it felt good.

~ by philiplavoie on May 4, 2007.

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