All Disney’d up…

Had a great time up in Orlando (was thinking about ya Mc as we passed your drop site!). Good food, drink & fun with the Mrs. The phones died so we were totally incommunicado. Kate headed out for a 1 mile run the first day up there, and it was early too… I’m telling ya that I don’t know this girl anymore. I took the day off as I was pretty thrashed from the days before. Nothing a few Alleve, Vino, and some good Italian food didn’t fix tho.

So we were up for 2 nights, 1 day, and just got back around noon today. We headed down to the beach till about 4, I swam for about 30 mins out there (it was a bit choppy, nothing like the other day) and I took it about half speed with some rests. It’s definitely getting more comfortable, but still unmeasured. I gotta get with some others to get a better metric on where I stand on the swims. Once we came up to the house I needed to shower off the salt and sand and headed out for a short run before the beers (oh yeah Mc… we’re on it 😉 and the steaks with Mr. Bones rice and BBQ sauce. While I was out I passed a few really good runners (coming the other way as my pace was pretty light tonight as I’m just trying to ramp back up). One dude in full battle gear and an aero helmet (like the one Ian won’t let me wear) was out on his Cervelo P3 for a spin tonight (way cool).

Here are the stats:

  • Distance: 8.45mi
  • Time: 1:17:38
  • Pace: 9’11″min/mi
  • Calories: 1112

~ by philiplavoie on May 3, 2007.

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