Bike explosion…

HA! So I’m all suited up, couple of cups of Joe, walked out the door to the garage. Hopped on the bike, pedaled about 30 yards, shifted gears and BOOM! The rear derailleur was picked up by the spokes (it must have been bent) and was ripped completely off of the dropout by breaking the hangar. So I skidded to a halt, inspected it for like 5 seconds and knew what happened, through it over my shoulder and walked it back home. =)

I stripped it of all the water bottles and such, headed upstairs to the apartment, changed into a non-bike jersey (as i didn’t need all the gear in the pockets) and headed out for a light run.

  • Distance: 3.31mi
  • Time: 28’42’
  • Pace: 8’39″/mi
  • Calories: 436(est)

Needless to say, Kate and I went out to have a bite for breakfast in town with the bike loaded in the car. We has a great meal, and headed to the rental shop where they swapped it out for me for another ride.

~ by philiplavoie on May 1, 2007.

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