Sunday afternoon swim

Yesterday was my first crack this year at open water swimming. With the winds being as high as they were to make sitting out in the heat so comfortable, it made for some choppy water. I waded into the gulf and proceeded to drink as much salt water as I could possibly fit in for 20 minutes. I then took a break and a lot of drinking water to try and neutralize the salt, and headed back in. I swam for another 25 minutes and covered a fair distance (not sure how much really) both times. This second stint dealt me far less salt water down the pipes, but was harder as I could really feel the current working against me swimming up to my aunts place, and rocketed me back to the starting point on my return. It was the same on the first go, but I had more energy in me and was stronger to swim against it.

  • Open water swim time: 45 min

~ by philiplavoie on April 30, 2007.

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