A little to loosen up

Legs were tightening up even after some good stretching. Was still wound up and really couldn’t wind down on the beach. Was listening to some good pod casts on triathlon, multi sport and endurance (listed on the right sidebar) and heard that some light exercise and cool water would aid in reducing the inflammation and start to loosen the damaged muscles up. So I headed into the water to cool them down. The wind was not up today, and so the water was pretty calm… but it also meant that it was hot, very hot out (at least for us NY’ers that have been freezing for so long). So I decided that since i couldn’t nod off, I’d go for a light swim for the same length that I had yesterday. This was only for about 20 Min’s (10 up the beach & 10 back). Afterwards, I headed back to the chairs and the umbrella and dried out for another hour or so.

Kate and I were pretty well cooked and we could see some red setting in from today and yesterday, so we decided to call it a day. We headed in for lunch and a nap as it was about half past 1 or so. Upon waking up and getting our wits about us, I talked Kate into driving me down to a bike rental shop (http://www.siestasportsrentals.com/). The guy there hooked me up with a slightly worn Jamis road bike. It doesn’t fit perfectly… but hey, it sure beats shipping one down ($70 for the week too). It also includes the brain bucket. So once we ran the card and signed the release I rode it back to the house and stuffed it in the garage. It is DAMN hot now! I’ll hopefully get that out tomorrow for a good ride. The training schedule has me down for a 40 min swim and a 20 min strength training session. I also owe the bike ride from travelling on Saturday so I hope to knock that out in the AM before the heat kicks in. I’ll snap a pic of the bike tomorrow and post it ;-).

~ by philiplavoie on April 30, 2007.

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