Monday was a day of rest…

So not too much to report. But i had to bust out the new wetsuit and give her a try in the recently opened pool. The suit was great as far as keeping me warm in the freezing water, but my head froze like i just ate ice cream too fast. The parents pool has a heater, but it wasn’t on. So I just gave it and the filter a once over, and i believe it’s set to warm up today. I’ll probably go down and check it later as I’m hoping to get in as much time in the water between now and through the trip to Florida.

The buoyancy of the suit is really noticeable, it definitely rubs a bit against the neck during breaths so I’ll have to bust out the Bodyglide for that. So yeah, not too much to say, just lightly paddled around for about 20 Min’s just to get in and get a feel for it.

~ by philiplavoie on April 24, 2007.

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