A nap and a ride…

After the service we grabbed a bite, had a beer or two, and walked home for a nap. I think everyone sacked out for about an hour (in their respective homes) and then it was just to nice… everyone got up called each other and headed out for walks, rides, whatever.

Kate and her mom pointed me a a great quick ride.

  • School Street North (turns into Southern Ave).
  • 133 East.
  • Magnolia Ave (which was awesome!).
  • 127 South, and back home.

Man was that nice. Everybody was out in force. Lots of bikes, motorcycles, runners… you name it. All i had on this was the camel back again (just water) and a small water bottle on the bike that I dropped a tablet of nuun into for salt, potassium, and other refuel goodies.

The stats of the ride were:

  • Distance: 13.39
  • Time: 52:28
  • Max: 27.6
  • Avg: 15.3

I may do that again tomorrow if it’s warm enough.

~ by philiplavoie on April 21, 2007.

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