Missed 2 sessions, but relaxed with a PM spin…

We had a pretty late night last evening at work. Sri totally sucked up this last release cycle and we’re 2d over the schedule. QA is estimating that was are about 2 weeks behind, and instead of the Dev team coming in over the weekends to catch up and stay on target they are hosing the QA crew into doing it. So with that crap going on, I look again to my favorite escape… training! I was beat dead today and had about 6 cups of java to stay alive. It became beautiful out, but I got home just around sunset so I clipped the Jamis on the cycleops and spun to relaxation.

  1. Time: 1.38.11
  2. Max: 21.0
  3. Avg: 12.2
  4. Dist: 20.04

Oh yeah, i ordered some of this today to give it a try: http://www.hornetjuice.com/. Man does that stuff sound weird. I just had to check it out. We’ll be heading up to Mass this weekend for Denise. So probably will just get in something tomorrow morning, but I’m throwing the QRoo in the car to get a nice ride in and of course the shoes. Maybe we’ll even give the wetsuit a try if it’s not too cold (oh yeah,! My parents just opened up their pool today – niiiizze! FINALLY!). It’s supposed to be sweet out this entire weekend so enjoy it all!

~ by philiplavoie on April 20, 2007.

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