Sore legs after a long Sunday training stint…

AM Weight Training (Chest & Tri)

  1. Bench press
  2. Incline press
  3. Decline press
  4. French tri press
  5. Upright cable downward press tri extensions
  6. Free bent kickback tri extensions

PM Run (Zone III)

  1. 4.5 Miles
  2. 46.10 Minutes
  3. Avg HR 145
  4. Max HR 156

The run degraded over time as i had to reduce the pace to accomdate a rise in my HR. I think i need to take tomorrow off from running (even a little bit) and maybe just workout back and bi’s in the AM and spin for distance and get a good stretch in tomorrow night. I’m using Nike+ (with my Ipod for all training). I’ll post the link on the links bar, but here is the picture of the run performance:

~ by philiplavoie on April 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “Sore legs after a long Sunday training stint…”

  1. Phil,
    From one triathlete to another, I am really proud of you and all that you are doing right now. I am also excited to here about Kate’s training as well. Referring to your training runs,which can be quite taxing, don’t ever give up! It is a mental mind screw at times. Have you ever heard of an athlete having an experience in a race or when training? It happens-and when it happens to you, let me know and we’ll share. Mine took place on top of a mountain in Wales-can’t wait to talk! Never give up-Matt

  2. Thanks, Matty! Kind words man. I’ll let ya know when the experience comes ;-). This cold, wet weather has got to go! Good hearing from ya boss. Thanks for the encouragement, it means a lot.

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